Kosciusko National Park - Jake Anderson

Ok, I am going to start making conscious efforts to share more of my adventures with you guys, and also hopefully are so tips and tricks as well.

I am going to start with off with my last adventure, a quick weekend trip down to the snow with a few die hard mates. Guys that don't mind slipping on frozen boots after a night in a tent dug into the snow. 

These trips have to pretty condensed, normally its tacked onto the end of a working week, a mad dash on a Friday afternoon to get home, get all the stuff in the car and get on the road. Long nights of driving and early starts full of photography.  At the end of the day, no matter my circumstances I think I will still always love these types of trips. I mean seriously, who doesn't love a deep and meaningful convo about life at 3am after 25 coffees and 6 hours of driving. My best ideas come from these road trips.

We got lucky on this trip, literally from the moment we arrived, I should have been thinking about sleep but when the milk way is out, you have to shoot. Its sort of a crime to go to bed when the stars are out, so you don't argue, you just get the camera out, even if you have to be up in two hours. 

Seriously though, I haven't seen the Milky Way this bright in a long time. 

The next morning was mind bending but Im going to leave those pictures for the end and move on to the hike - Leave the best to last right?

If you don't have any back country experience this isn't something I'd recommend starting off with. Situations can change rapidly in the mountains and if you don't have the knowledge on what to do then things can get pretty shitty real fast. We made our move from Dead Horse Gap just above Thredbo towards a little "peak" called South Rams Head. As hikes go its not a huge and the whole way up you're distracted by these amazing frozen Snow Gums so it doesn't take to long to reach the camp spot at the top of the tree line. 

Again, we scored magic conditions and the white out set the perfect scene for some adventure shots through the trees.

The whole afternoon produced amazing light and after doing some digging to set the tents up we spent the entire afternoon shooting from the peak and in and around the trees

Here is a quick look at our dinning room and the view from my sleeping arrangement 

Back to the first morning! I am ending with this just because it seriously went off, it was one of those mornings that looked like a big flop, low cloud everywhere, I'm thinking man I should have just stayed I'm my sleeping bag.

You don't though, you have come a long way and no matter the chances, you still get up, its not worth the risk of missing out. This was definitely one of those mornings where I would have kicked myself in the teeth if I had of made the decision to stay in bed and just proves that sometimes the least promising conditions can produce the best light!!!

Happy viewing people and I promise my writing will improve as I will make an attempt to write these when the trips are still fresh. I have a couple of trips coming up, one to Perisher and one to Hotham so hopefully I get the goods. I will hanging out with some pretty talented athletes so I'm really excited.  

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